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Adding and Managing Students

This article will explore the various functions related to managing students and groups within your organization. The functions outlined below are available to both administrator and manager accounts on the CFI™ for Business dashboard and are designed to put the control in our clients' hands.


First, we will look at the group tab. Here you will have the ability to create groups within your organization and segment employees based on function, cohort, or learning patch. When you click on a pre-existing group, you will be taken to a separate page that contains all the relevant information for this group. If you navigate back to the GROUPS tab, you can add groups by clicking the  CREATE NEW GROUP icon and completing the form. 

Once the group has been successfully created, you will be taken back to the group overview screen to verify that the details were entered correctly. From here, you can assign learning paths to the group which you can find more information about  HERE

Adding New Students

Adding students is like that for group creation, and invites can be sent out to new students directly through the administrator dashboard. Students can be added in bulk simply by adding multiple email addresses, each separated by a comma. For large enrolments, we also offer the ability to download a template file that can be filled and uploaded to help automate this enrolment process. Students can also be invited to a specified group at this stage to be automatically added upon activation of their account. 

(Note: Once invitations have been sent out, students will receive a notification email with a link to their account and a form to fill out account details.)  
Now, we can move on to the manager tab, which is structured very similarly to the student tab. Managers are added simply by entering their email address, role (reporter or manager), and group assignment in the form. You can find out more about the differences between manager and reporter accounts HERE

New managers will also receive a notification email asking them to fill out their details and create a password to activate their accounts. As soon as their accounts are created, they will receive immediate access to the dashboard and all reporting information. 
(Note: Manager accounts also count towards your license total, and this should be included in your initial order form signed with one of our account executives.)
If you need to make changes to invites for either students or managers, this can be done under the PENDING INVITES tab. Here you can see which employees have yet to accept their invitation to the site, and you can also either cancel or resend automatic email invites if your employees have not received them. 
If you need to assist a student who has not yet activated their account, this can be done by clicking on the student's email address in question, and clicking GET ACTIVATION LINK at the top of the page. This activation link can be copied and sent to the student directly in cases where students cannot receive the automated site notifications. 
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