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Creating and Managing Learning Paths

This article will walk through the process of creating custom learning paths and managing student learning path assignments within your organization. This functionality is found under the courses tab on the dashboard is available to both administrators and managers within your account but not seen by the students on the learning side.


Under the courses section, you will see all of the programs/bundles that you have access to, as well as a complete course directory for courses available under your license. You can also create custom learning paths to suit your organization's needs and assign groups to specialized learning paths to suit their job function/training needs. 

Once you have clicked 'Create New Learning Path' you will be prompted to fill out a form with a name for the new learning path, add an image, and add members either by entering email addresses individually or selecting the BATCH ADD option. Adding the student email addresses at this stage will automatically enroll students in the courses that we add to the learning path in the next step.  Once you have clicked ‘Create Learning Path’ you will see the newly generated path available on the dashboard immediately. To add courses, click on the path of your choosing and scroll down to the COURSES area, where you can select Manage Courses Add Courses. From here, you will see a list of all courses purchased by your organization and can click add on courses of your choice before clicking ‘Confirm selection’ to finalize. 

Now that you have students added and learning paths specified, your students are free to start working through the course material! This process works for both user-generated learning paths as well as CFI™ program learning paths. This means that if you want your students to complete the FMVA® program plus some additional course requirements from within the BIDA™ program, then you can add the courses in question to the FMVA® learning path on your account and the students will have instant access. 

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